Announcement of panel “Industry 4.0”

We are pleased to announce the 39th panel “Industry 4.0” which will be held on 10/10/2023. in the “Holiday Inn” hotel (Studenica hall), starting at 10 a.m. The meeting is organized by the companies IIB, Vede IT and Key IT, and it will discuss the development and application of ERP/MES solution models within the Industry 4.0 concept. The topic of the panel will be the Information Infrastructure Model for planning and managing resources in production. Within the panel, implementations of ERP and MES solutions will be presented in relation to the Industry 4.0 paradigm, as well as through practical examples presented by our clients.

Metodology of ERP implementation

ERP solutions are significantly different from traditional business (bookkeeping) applications. “Business programs” are characterized by the fact that they have all the necessary functionalities (procurement, sales, bookkeeping, simpler production), have a low price, do not require an expensive server or database, are quickly introduced, are cheap to maintain … Certainly, they are a good choice for a company until it grows to a certain size. Then the need for ERP inevitably arises. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) means a class of software used to support complex information systems, in practice in medium and large enterprises, where it is vital to define the organizational structure, divide work and responsibilities, enable monitoring of all resources …

Structure of ERP solution

ERP software packages are made up of a collection of smaller programs that work in a unique user environment, and are grouped according to business areas-modules. Each module includes a set of functionalities, which can be: Procurement, Sales, Services, Manufacturing, Entry Book, General Ledger, Cash Register, Personnel Records, Salaries etc. How many modules does ERP have, what are they called and what do they all consist of depends on the manufacturer…

ERP for (non)informed

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) means a class of business software intended for comprehensive enterprise management through monitoring of material, money and information flows. ERP information systems are packages of smaller programs, grouped according to areas- modules, which work on a single database where all business transactions are recorded. The purpose of the existence of an information system (including ERP) is to, as its name suggests, provide the user with accurate, high-quality and timely information. Since ERP systems are built over relational databases, they have impressive reporting capabilities…

Redesign of Vede IT’s web site

After more than 8 years, we decided to refresh our website so that potential and current clients have a better insight into what we do. We used modern technologies for the production, and we tried to make the presentation easy to navigate and to be well visible on any device.