Mali UPIS:Offer

Mali UPIS is a comprehensive ERP solution for micro and small businesses. This is a software package tailored to their needs and capabilities. Licenses have all the functionalities necessary for small teams to work smoothly and productively, and depending on the needs, it is possible to choose the type and amount of service within the offer. It supports an unlimited number of legal entities, minimal investment in Microsoft system and application software, and can be used by a maximum of 9 competing users. The price includes the first year of software maintenance, in accordance with positive legal regulations, and within the mentioned period, the appropriate number of hours of consulting support. You can see the details in the table:

1. Mali.UPIS core license pcs 330 no 330
2. Mali.UPIS competitive license pcs 390 no 390
3. UPIS.Kasa core license pcs 290 no 290
4. UPIS.Kasa sales license pcs 145 no 145
5. UPIS.Kasa driver pcs 45 no 45
6. UPIS.Kasa network driver pcs 160 no 160
7. Mali.UPIS analysis and setup lump sum 200 no 200-600
8. Consulting man/hour 30 no 40